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The Temperance card is all about balance and moderation – so if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction issues, this is the time to seek help or rehab. It doesn't have to be an alcohol or drug addiction, many people are addicted to social media, online games, in-app-purchases, etc... anything that interferes with a normal, balanced life. The choice to seek help is life-changing, and it can be very hard to accept at first. But once someone takes that first step the rest can be easier.

There are many kinds of rehab centers and programs, ranging from residential rehab to community outpatient treatments and addiction counseling, and people really can turn their lives around with professional help. A local Rehab center may be the first and important step to a life of freedom from addiction.

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The Fool Tarot Card

With one foot on the ground and the other in the water, an angel stands over a pond, pouring water into two cups. The angel is at ease in both the waking and subconscious realms. She is juggling two opposing poles: material and spiritual, and wonders which one she must give up for the for the sake of the other. This is the still point that restores harmony to the universe.

Temperance is an upbeat card that urges you to achieve harmony and balance in your life and to tackle difficulties with patience and serenity. It understands that conflicting forces inside you do not have to be at odds. Make any important choices with caution, knowing that excellent decisions will lead to a positive outcome for you. Moderation and self-control may help you handle problems in your life.

Patience, self-control, and calmness are all blessings on offer from the Temperance card. This card implies that if you have lately had tough circumstances, you will soon feel calmer and be able to deal with the situation better. You have a good sense of how to handle life and can bring disparate parts together to create a better whole. However, Temperance reminds you of the need for restraint and balance.

On the face of the Temperance card, we see an angel floating just above the earth on the cover of Temperance. She attempts to establish equilibrium by pouring one cup of water into the other. We can also observe that she has one foot on the land and the other in the water, indicating that she is attempting to attain behavioural balance.

Balance is Your Key to Success

Temperance is the card of balance, and its message is to seek equilibrium. The card does not indicate whether the angel will be successful in achieving balance between his two cups, but it does indicate that she is attempting to do so. Another meaning of this card is the necessity to join forces or combine thoughts and materials in order for anything to succeed - the angel can only balance the cups by mixing the water in them.

When you draw the Temperance card, you are being asked to evaluate what you need to create balance and harmony in your life. Do you need to restrain yourself from making hasty decisions? Are you in need of motivation? What must occur in order for you to achieve a state of centeredness? Is there a part of your life where you're creating this discord? Examine your personal connections, job, and previous activities to see if you can achieve the balance that Temperance encourages you to find.

What Temperance Means for You Today

The Temperance card has shown up for you today to encourage you to seek a proper balance in your life. Whether you’re struggling to balance work and home life, or to balance your responsibilities against your desire to have some fun, it’s never easy being pulled in many different directions at once. Temperance reassures you that it is possible to find an equilibrium which works for you, emotionally as well as in terms of everyday practicalities. Do something positive today towards finding that balance – today’s first small step is the beginning of your journey towards Temperance.