Tip of the day:

Treatment Center

The Moon card can sometimes indicate an addiction that may require the help of a treatment center. Addictions to alcohol or other forms of substance abuse can be difficult to overcome on your own. With the help of a rehab or treatment center you or your loved ones can get the help they need to live a happier, healthy life.

Addictions and substance abuse are not the only problems that can be helped by a rehab center. There are also treatment centers for behavioral health, cancer treatment, autism treatment, and many other services and programs are available.

Your Daily Reading:

The Moon

The Fool Tarot Card

On this card we see two dogs howling at the Full Moon as a crayfish rises from the water. In the backdrop, there is an ocean. The Moon illuminates the Fool's path as it leads him away from the sea. The face within the moon has its eyes shut, symbolizing the unseen aspects of the psyche. The Hebrew letter 'yod' falls from the moon indicating the power of awakening consciousness. The crayfish represent the hidden qualities of the self that are emerging from the subconscious.

The Full Moon symbolizes the unconscious mind, the unknown, intuition, and dreams. You may be aimlessly roaming and need to regain your sense of direction. Where reason may fail, intuition will triumph. It's time to connect with your true self, confront your anxieties, and go into the unknown. In terms of creativity and intuition, there may be a breakthrough.

Something in your life does not seem to be as it appears. Maybe it's a misconception on your side, or a reality you can't face. It may also mean that someone is keeping something vital from you. This may be a cause of anxiety or melancholy in your life, and it's making you feel insecure and delusory. The Moon is a powerful indication that you must depend on your intuition to see through the deception, and it also indicates that it is time to face your anxieties.

Most people have experienced being alone outdoors in the dark. The Moon is the only light visible. The Moon becomes a metaphor for people alone in the dark: it becomes night, everything we dread hides in the darkness, and everything we secretly desire is waiting for us. The only thing that seems familiar is the anchor in the sky: the Moon.

Dreams, visions, the fanciful, and the mysterious are all ruled by the Moon. It's a place that the High Priestess is familiar with and that the Hanged Man understands. There is a magic here that only a few individuals are aware of. This is where madmen reside, as well as poets, painters, and other creative souls who come to visit. The Moon makes a quiet promise that we won't be able to appreciate all we see (or don't see) until we give in to a little craziness

The Lunacy of Luna

The card evokes a sensation that is both magical and terrifying. We often find ourselves in situations like these, when nothing is familiar. We're terrified, thrilled, and then terrified all over again. The Moon may be urging you to take a step back and look at your position objectively - things may seem scary right now, but the night is just a stage of the day, and the Moon will turn to show the sun.

That isn't to imply that the Moon is a bad card; many people like looking at the Moon and are delighted to see it in their readings. This card symbolizes a delicious, enticing, and intoxicating power. Examine how you can apply this disassociation to your life - is it something you should avoid, something you should stick with, or something you should enjoy?

It's difficult to challenge the Moon with words since so much of what it says is based on feeling and emotion. What are your thoughts on the unknown? Are you ready to face your fears to get a better understanding of yourself? How do you deal with anxiety? Do you have to flee the Moon or surrender to it?

What The Moon Means for You Today

The Moon card has appeared today to show you that you could be seeing a situation through the lens of an unconscious belief that could be clouding your judgment. This can also be an indication that today you will have an emotional breakthrough that will lead to greater clarity. On the more positive side, the Moon is also associated with magic and manifestation. Whatever you are facing now could be leading you down a new path that you might have overlooked if you had been able to see all the details of what is going on around you. Don't push away your emotions today, observe them and let them flow through you so they can process in a healthy way.