Algiz Rune

Algiz Rune

ALGIZ, The Rune of Protection and Opportunity

Runic Number: 15

Meaning: Opportunity to growth, Safe refuge. Protection. Rapid development.

Translation: Sedge Grass reeds or possibly Pine woods

Gemstone: Aquamarine

Color: Gold

Polarity: Male

Element: Air

Gods: Heimdall

Astrology correspondence: Cancer

Tree: Spruce

Plant: Sedge Grass

Characteristics: Algiz is a symbol for both the sedge grass herb and the antlers of the elk. Some interpret it to be a symbol of the spread fingers of hand in a protective gesture. Algiz manifests powerful energies of protection. Spiritually, it signifies the reaching of the divine. The rune also means success through quest, search or other enterprise. Schemes develop quickly, like a fast growing pine tree. You are protected from any attack, while awareness and alertness guide you. Vision, clarity of mind and wisdom will support your cause.

Interpretation: It is possible that your path is fraught with danger, but don’t be afraid, for you have a great power of protection within. You are safe as much as you are not reckless. Algiz implies a good period for risky ventures build on firm foundations. Escape being complacent.

Reverse meaning: Decline or slow improvement. You may be open to an attack. Beware being short-sighted and pig-headed.

Converse meaning: Development and growth opportunities are disguised. Your insurance isn’t as affective as you believe.