Ansuz Rune

Ansuz Rune

ANSUZ, The Messenger’s or Odin’s Rune

Runic Number: 4

Meaning: Wisdom, Knowledge, Message, Communication, Mouth.

Translation: God Odin. In reverse, it is Loki, the messenger of gods and a trickster.

Gemstone: Emerald

Color: Dark Blue

Polarity: Male

Element: Air

Gods: Odin, Eostre, Loki

Astrology correspondence: Venus

Tree: Ash

Characteristics: Primarily, Ansuz is the rune of Odin, representing creativity, communication, and controlled divine power. Spiritually, it is connected with revelation and prophecy, but it is also the rune of reason, knowledge, wisdom, and therefore a good adviser. It can also be related to some tests, examinations, or even an interview. Other meanings include a book, letter, message and other information. As Loki is known as a renowned trickster, the Ansuz rune also refers to a trick, surprise or subterfuge.

Interpretation: The answers you need are available, but not yet recognized as such. Take a look around you -- signs and confirmations are available all around. Everything may have significance and consideration of this significance may lead to full understanding. Remember not to ignore the message just because you don’t like the content. Any experience can be a lesson to teach you see the truth and your knowledge and wisdom

Reverse meaning: Be careful not to misunderstand/misinterpret information. Something you see or read is more important than it seems. Beware joke(r)s.

Converse meaning: Unsuccessful communication. Hidden messages. Secrets. Lack of awareness or clarity. What seems to be a trick is genuine.