Berkanan Rune

Berkanan Rune

BERKANAN (or Berkana), The Rune of Fertility and Growth

Runic Number: 18

Meaning: New Life. Growth. Fertility. Physical beauty or stature. A new broom.

Translation: Birch Twig

Gemstone: Moonstone

Color: Dark Green

Polarity: Female

Element: Earth

Gods: Nerthus, Holda

Astrology correspondence: Virgo

Tree: Birch

Plant: Lady’s Mantle

Characteristics: Physical and mental growth. Investment, increased business, profit. Flourishing new beginnings. Bumper crops. Lost causes may be renewed. The Berkanan rune symbolizes regeneration, renewal, healing, purification, and recovery. It is the rune of home and family, representing the pleasure of sexual relations, fertility, and birth. In this approach, birth can be symbolic or literal, but always a positive start of any new activity or idea.

Interpretation: This is an exciting period for new beginnings. Fresh adventures. Energy and activity. God seeds have been sow, but the harvest is yet to come. Don’t expect instant reward for your efforts. Learn from experience. Let the past into the past. This is also a good period for spiritual renewal. Eliminate all misconceptions. Accept new ideas.

Reverse meaning: Reduction in stature and lack of growth. Decline in crops, business or profits. Bad time for new actions.

Converse meaning: You may suffer a theft. Profit being hidden. Dishonesty around. A risky investment may well be safe and profitable.