Dagaz Rune

Dagaz Rune

DAGAZ (or Degaz), The Rune of Transformation

Runic Number: 14

Meaning: Dawn. Daylight. Day. Radical change. Breakthrough.

Translation: Day.

Gemstone: Chrysolite

Color: Light Blue

Polarity: Male

Element: Fire and Air

Gods: Heimdall

Astrology correspondence: Full Moon

Tree: Spruce

Plant: Clary Sage

Characteristics: A new dawn. A breakthrough. A major change of direction. Prosperity and achievement. A successful end of a passage. The new has just begun, the darkness is behind you. As the Nordic countries have long nights and winters, they consider they associate the day with light and life. Dagaz represents the very essence of the natural daylight and the power of the sun. It is the highest point of the natural darkness-light cycle, and therefore it is the divine light in spirituality. Dagaz is brightness, progress, development, growth, and fundamental change.

Interpretation: Your goal is supported by the divine light. Be honest and true, and fortune will help you. You are protected by the light and it gives you clearest vision to avoid any danger, just don’t be blinded by your ego. Stay humble, good things are on your way.

Reverse meaning: None

Converse meaning: Not right time for change. A false down. Trust your abilities and strength. The daylight is still far.