Ehwaz Rune

Ehwaz Rune

EHWAZ, The Rune of Momentum

Runic Number: 19

Meaning: Momentum. Horse. Speed. Steed or mount. Beast of burden.

Translation: Horse

Gemstone: Iceland Spar

Color: White

Polarity: Male and Female

Element: Earth

Gods: Frey, Freuya

Astrology correspondence: Gemini

Tree: Ash

Plant: Ragwort

Characteristics: Forward progress. Speed of thought or deed. Purposeful motion. Quick-wittedness. Confident, loyal, sure-footed. Willingness. Ehwaz symbolizes the horse and its strength, speed, and beauty make it much more than a transporting animal. Horse is a sacred animal, a vehicle for material, but also for spiritual prevalence. The rune represents progress, controlled change and sometimes a travel. It is also connected with partnership, loyalty, trust, and faithfulness like the one between rider and horse, brother and sister. Two halves of a whole.

Interpretation: You are strongly supported to make a strong progress towards your goal, but keep in mind to stay supportive and loyal to those around you. The horse is proud, but it is not its purpose. You can be proud of your success, but remain humble during your journey to a successful finish.

Reverse meaning: Regression, lethargy, retrograde motion. Reluctance and diffidence. Muddled thinking. Being lost or bemused.

Converse meaning: Something appears stagnant, but it suddenly moves. Someone confident or willing will express bad intentions.