Fehu Rune

Fehu Rune

FEHU, The Rune of Wealth and Fulfillment

Runic Number: 1

Meaning: Wealth. Reward. Nourishment

Translation: Money. Wealth. Cattle.

Gemstone: Moss Agate

Color: Light Red

Polarity: Female

Element: Earth and Fire

Gods: Frey, Freuya

Astrology correspondence: Aries

Tree: Elder

Plant: Nettle

Characteristics: Good health, wealth, realized ambition, good fortune, love fulfilled. Remember to show compassion and be charitable. Fehu means cattle as it was the measure of wealth to the Ancient people. Today, it signifies dynamic wealth, i.e. money and possessions. Fehu also associates the energy of the hard and honest work as a way to earn wealth. It can also be interpreted as spiritual, emotional, and moral wealth.

Interpretation: Frey is the god of fertility, being itself a great wealth. Fehu is the rune of unselfish abundance, so let it shine and help you and others around. With Fehu, you will always be spiritually rich, but don’t misuse it and give to those who can abuse it. Discernment is very important.

Reverse meaning: Poverty, health problems, failed ambition, bad luck, love unrequited.

Converse meaning: Undiscovered wealth, hidden reward, nourishment withheld.