Gebo Rune

Gebo Rune

GEBO, The Rune of Love and Forgiveness

Runic Number: 7

Meaning: Love and partnership. Forgiveness, gift, skill, ability or talent.

Translation: Gift

Gemstone: Opal

Color: Dark Blue

Polarity: Male and Female

Element: Air

Gods: Odin, Gefn

Astrology correspondence: Pisces

Tree: Pine

Plant: Elm

Characteristics: Sincerely ask for forgiveness and it will be given to you. A gift is present or incoming. Development or discovery of some talent or skill. Artistic, musical potentials. Declare love openly. Fortune in partnership. Show compassion. Gebo is the very origin of the “lucky seven” superstition, so the “gift” meaning comes out of it. Ancients were accepting gifts ready to give one in return, so keep in mind that receiving gifts places you under obligation to the giver, being it another person, destiny or gods. Except in love, Gebo also means a partnership and union in business. Forgiveness is the greatest of all gifts – to receive or to give. This rune is widely used as a sign of the kiss, i.e. a symbol of great affection.

Interpretation: A gift represents your choice to accept or reject. Everything has its price, so if you accept, you have to be ready to give in return. Spiritual gifts are priceless. Find the balance between receiving and giving and learn to receive and give responsibly, meaning to decide when and whom to give; it is not very smart to give to everyone.

Reverse meaning: This rune has no reverse meaning.

Converse meaning: Animosity from partners. Think about a new romance. Your hidden talents should be uncovered.