Hagalaz Rune

Hagalaz Rune

HAGALAZ, The Rune of Disruption

Runic Number: 9

Meaning: Interference. Disruption. Weather. Damaging forces of nature.

Translation: Hail

Gemstone: Onyx

Color: Light Blue

Polarity: Female

Element: Ice (Water)

Gods: Urd, Heimdall

Astrology correspondence: Aquarius

Tree: Ash

Plant: Bryony

Characteristics: The weather is important aspect, so make sure to prepare against storm, lightening or flood. Disruptive influences may appear. A third party interferes. The Hagalaz rune represents hail and could relate to some unexpected hailstorm or even an elemental disruption concerning your life. When linked with other runes, Hagalaz can suggest limitation, delay or interruption, causing a total change in direction. The rune also means hardship, suffering, injury or illness.

Interpretation: Challenges in your life. Not to fear, but to face them. A hailstorm is daunting and you need to catch a hailstone to see that it’s only water. Do the same with challenges: strengthen you determination and face these challenges with bravery, understanding that they are just stepping stones on your path to your goals. Ask for greater challenges, as you will gain more by overcoming them.

Reverse meaning: Hagalaz has no reverse meaning.

Converse meaning: Unexpected dangers under apparently easy tasks. Some hidden dangers from the natural world. Your partner or lover is hiding something from you.