Ingwaz Rune

Ingwaz Rune

INGWAZ, The Rune of Peace and Harmony

Runic Number: 22

Meaning: Love. Peace. Harmony. Approval. Unity. Agreement.

Translation: Angel. The god Ing.

Gemstone: Amber

Color: Yellow

Polarity: Male

Element: Earth and Water

Gods: Ing, Frey

Astrology correspondence: Cancer, the New Moon

Tree: Apple

Plant: Selfheal

Characteristics: The rune is named after the Norse heroic god Ing, who came to unite the people of Viking Jutland, and then he left them in peace and harmony. Therefore, Ingwaz is unity, peace, agreement and harmony, but it also symbolizes the undying love between romantic partners. Indwaz also represents completion and certainty of conclusion. This may includes the male orgasmic power or the birth as the end of the pregnancy. The rune is related with wholesome, healthy sexuality and strong and affectionate family. It gives a secure, safe home and heart. Ingwaz is protective, containing the idea of a beacon; it is a light in the darkness and, consequently, a spiritual inspiration.

Interpretation: You may feel isolated on your spiritual journey, but there is a fire of inspiration within you, supporting you to go upward and onward. Feed that noble fire by perservance, seek answers, but escape irrelevant questions. Live only in your present.

Reverse meaning: None

Converse meaning: Peace, love and harmony are hard to achieve, but available. The lover is shy – help him/her to declare.