Isa Rune

Isa Rune

ISA, The Ice Rune

Runic Number: 11

Meaning: Cold. Freezing. Ice. Lack of Change.Lack of emotion. Stagnation. Bridge across danger. Storing binding.

Translation: Ice

Gemstone: Cat’s eye

Color: Black

Polarity: Female

Element: Ice (Water)

Gods: Verdandi

Astrology correspondence: The Moon

Tree: Alder

Plant: Henbane

Characteristics: Isa is ice. Ice can be beautiful appearance, but also a dangerous situation – it can be treacherously thin, it can make you slip and fall down, and it can block your progress. The Isa rune suggests you to delay your plans and wait for better conditions, but it will protect you against magical attacks. It can take the heat out of confrontations. On emotional level, Isa is able of cooling affections or frigidity. It has a delaying, preserving and freezing influence on other runes.

Interpretation: Indications for a period of non-action. Don’t take anything for granted and don’t get into a rut. Things are at a standstill and this isn’t appropriate time to force movement. Crossing some water could be beneficial to you. Feel free to release your feelings. You should not abandon your goals, this is a good situation to reconsider and reaffirm them. You are called to be patient and wise. Contemplate and prepare yourself. Leave no place for regrets or despondency. Things will surely change, ice is a temporary phenomenon, winter will be replaced with the spring, and the summer will come.

Reverse meaning: None

Converse meaning: Hidden emotions under the coolness. Impending changes will not be good for you. Some smiles cover bad evil intentions.