Jera Rune

Jera Rune

JERA (or Zera), The Rune of Success and Continuity

Runic Number: 12

Meaning: Harvest. Fertility. Fruition. Agricultural year.

Translation: Year. Harvest.

Gemstone: Camelian

Color: Light Blue

Polarity: Male and Female

Element: Earth

Gods: Freu, Freuya

Astrology correspondence: The Sun

Tree: Oak

Plant: Rosemary

Characteristics: Good spirits, fruition of your plans, success in endeavors, rewards for past efforts. Greatest reward is for those who work on their land with their hands. Inventiveness, skill or talent. As Rune 12, Jera symbolizes the 12 months of the year. Implications are fruitfulness, achievement of goal or profit, but also cycles of seasons implying natural development, change, movement. Usually, Jera is highly positive, but being a symbol of cause-effect relation it could portend the end-result of some actins from the past. Therefore, Jera can mean justice, while the justice itself implies a reward or a punishment.

Interpretation: You have sown seeds in the past and now you will harvest fruits of rewards. This is a time for celebration, joy and abundance. Enjoy, but keep in mind that you should still work without complacency. After the harvest, the winter follows, so make sure to store enough wisdom for the next challenges. This period isn’t a goal, but a turning point in life. More and greater harvests are waiting ahead, but first you have to prepare the land and sow new seeds as real farmers do.

Reverse meaning: Jera has no reverse meaning.

Converse meaning: Rewards and success have to be rooted out. Your latent abilities and talents must be discovered.