Kauno Rune

Kauno Rune

KAUNO (or Kano), the Rune of Fire and the Torch of Enlightenment

Runic Number: 6

Meaning: Light, Enlightenment, Heat. Possible variation: Burning, Injury, Mental anguish.

Translation: A torch or firebrand. In some translations, Kauno also means a wound, ulcer or opening.

Gemstone: Bloodstone

Color: Light Red

Polarity: Female

Element: Fire

Gods: Heimdal, Frey, Freuya

Astrology correspondence: Venus

Tree: Pine

Plant: Cowslip

Characteristics: This rune is related to light, warmth, fire, enlightenment and knowledge. It lightens the path, dispelling the dark shadows of ignorance. Kauno helps people to see with true discernment. It suggests you that understanding must lead you to take action. A light in the darkness symbolizes spiritual illumination. It also represents the pleasurable warmth of the home fire, implying good health. In the variable “ulcer” translation, Kauno signifies a portal or doorway leading from darkness to light. It could also represent a warning related to sources of heat, light or even a physical danger.

Interpretation: You are about to find out a new understanding of the meaning of life. New insights are here, but don’t be complacent. Use this new knowledge before it gets worthless. Find out ways to use your new insights not only for your own good, but for others’ too. Enlightenment is always replenishable and the more you use, the more insights you gain. It isn’t the main goal, but an initial point of a great adventure, and if you proceed with honesty and truth, you will gain great wisdom and understanding of life.

Reverse meaning: Darkness, cold, lack of knowledge. Concerning wound-ulcer translation: healing and improvement of health.

Converse meaning: Hidden danger. What seems to be the true direction may be a false path. A great dark and cold energy could arise. Wound-ulcer translation: take care of minor medical problems before they get worse.