Laguz Rune

Laguz Rune

LAGUZ, The Rune of Water

Runic Number: 21

Meaning: Water, Ocean, Sea, Lake, River. Tide. Cleansing.

Translation: Water, Lagoon, Lake.

Gemstone: Pearl

Color: Deep Green

Polarity: Female

Element: Water

Gods: Njord, Nerthus

Astrology correspondence: The Moon

Tree: Osier Villow

Plant: Leek

Characteristics: Relation with water in all its forms. The rune suggests a cleansing action. It also represents a tidal movement – flow and ebb. Fortunate oversea travel, fishing and different aquatic activities. The water is a vital part of existence, but a latent, constant danger, similarly to our life journey with many risks. The Laguz rune contains aspects of changeability, fluidity, and even a lack of control. It is the unconscious, the intuition, it has psychic abilities, and it is the sensual madness of sexual game. Laguz has deceptive elements that come from its variety, rather than for any menace. It is the ultimate female rune.

Interpretation: The understanding of the creation will help your life flow as you want. Emotional balance is built upon the harmony of the creation around you. Natural food leads to natural flow, non-natural food leads to stagnation and disharmony. The water is constantly fluid and moving – arrange your life according to it. Accept the changes themselves as they are the only real constant in life.

Reverse meaning: Flood, storm, corrosion, waves or other destructive force of water. Danger of sinking.

Converse meaning: Keep away of mariners or other people associated with water, for they could try to trick you.