Naudiz Rune

Naudiz Rune

NAUDIZ (or Nautiz), The Rune of Necessity

Runic Number: 10

Meaning: Demand. Need. Craving. Want. Desire. Compulsion. Deprivation.

Translation: Extremity. Need.

Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli

Color: Black

Polarity: Female

Element: Fire

Gods: Skuld

Astrology correspondence: Capricorn

Tree: Rowan

Plant: Snakeroot

Characteristics: You have to control your emotions and not to give in to cravings. There are some risks for your health, especially from dietary aberrations. Escape extraordinary demands on your generosity or time. Make sure your love flows in the right direction. The Naudiz rune represents hardship, need or adversity. The good side is that it also includes the perseverance to endure, and reserves of inner strength. Naudiz also means patience and learning experience that will bring you ultimate benefits no matter how unpleasant the hardship is. The rune warns against taking a risky action. When in conjunction with other runes, Naudiz could have a delaying influence.

Interpretation: Presently, you are getting exactly what you need in order to grow spiritually. Perhaps it appears to be an opposite of what you want, but this situation isn’t long lasting -- mostly a series of lessons you have to learn to move from negative to positive. Don’t escape from your past and stay focused on your goal, learning from your actual situation. The past is a memory, the future a dream, but the present remains as the only place where you have real influence and possibility to act.

Reverse meaning: Be careful as reversed Naudiz isn’t obvious. Something unwanted may happen. Have some fun with your food and release your emotions.

Converse meaning: Your demands may mislead you. Your desires may have hidden danger. But someone secretly admires you.