Othila Rune

Othila Rune

OTHILA, The Rune of Home, Family and Acquisition

Runic Number: 23

Meaning: Family. Home or Homeland. Heart. Inheritance. Possesions. Estate.

Translation: Possesion. Hereditary land.

Gemstone: Spinel

Color: Deep Yellow

Polarity: Male

Element: Earth

Gods: Odin

Astrology correspondence: Full Moon

Tree: Hawthorn

Plant: Clover

Characteristics: Acquisition. Fair play. Benefit through birthright or inheritance. Adventurous nature and great mental capacity. Adaptability and cultural maturity. Personal skill. Home, family, homeland, patriotism. Othila rune symbolizes the ancestral country, property, and fixed wealth that is passed from generation to generation. United family is strength. Othila is everything you have earned during your life, but also your spiritual home.

Interpretation: You are in re-focusing state and fixing your goal will attract energies to reach it. Concentrate and read all possible signs, but don’t push the issues. Your goal is a wild bird in your palm, so if you press it tightly you can kill it.

Reverse meaning: Immaturity or dullness. Lack of forethought. A valueless inheritance. Take calculated risk.

Converse meaning: A seemingly worthless inheritance has secret wealth.