Perth Rune

Perth Rune

PERTH, The Rune of Mystery, Chance and Science

Runic Number: 14

Meaning: Mystery. Gamble. Chance. Pot luck. In modern interpretation: Science and Technology.

Translation: There is not certain literal translation. It is usually a name of a dice cup, i.e. a gambling game that includes such a cup.

Gemstone: Aquamarine

Color: Black

Polarity: Female

Element: Water

Gods: Frigg

Astrology correspondence: Saturn

Tree: Aspen

Plant: Aconite

Characteristics: An unknown outcome, a mystery, a gamble. Mathematical odds. In order to succeed, you have to employ moderation and common sense. Take the best of your lot. Perth implies a spiritual disclosure of a secret. It also refers to pregnancy and birth. It is linked to moderate and sensible sexual enjoyment. Mystery, prudence and common sense should to be used in order to interpret Perth.

Interpretation: There is always a choice for you in everything. Nothing and nobody can upset you, unless you choose to be upset. Nobody and no power can influence you unless you choose to be influenced. You shouldn’t allow anything to compromise your truth or block you doing what you want to do. Clearly claim your right to choice. The greatest danger for you is not to make a choice and leave things moving by themselves. Shape your future.

Reverse meaning: A failure is likely, take no chances. What seems clear hides deeper aspects and meanings. Don’t rush. Don’t succumb.

Converse meaning: Trust only your loved ones. Take nothing for granted. A proposition could have a hidden depth.