Raido Rune

Raido Rune

RAIDO, The Rune of Travelers

Runic Number: 5

Meaning: Journey, Departure, Arrival. Events related to travels and vehicles. Union and re-union.

Translation: Riding, Vehicle.

Gemstone: Chrysophase

Color: Bright Red

Polarity: Male

Element: Air

Gods: Ing, Nethus

Astrology correspondence: Sagittarius

Tree: Oak

Plant: Mugwort

Characteristics: A travel is indicated. Jobs connected with distant locations and transport. Earning new friends or returning old ones. Raido rune can mean ride, travel, wheel, but it also implicates some deeper meanings: the journey can be arduous and long, requiring lots of foresight, planning, fortitude, and determination. Metaphysically, it refers to the “journey of life”, i.e. the wheel of life, or to a deep spiritual quest. Considering mentioned notions of communication or transport, Raido might also mean receiving or delivering a message.

Interpretation: Everything comes in cycles. By recognizing and following them you will have a quick and efficient success. You should align your lifestyle to the seasons, honoring their turning. Don’t be afraid of hard times – know that the harder something is now, the easier will get in the future. Everything has an opposite side. Challenges will lead you to equal and opposite rewards.

Reverse meaning: Isolation. Lack of change or movement. Stagnation. A missed deadline. Failure to arrive. A mechanical breakdown.

Converse meaning: Home-based job. Secret mission. An enemy presenting his/her self as a friend. Meetings get some unexpected, unpleasant course.