Sowilo Rune

Sowilo Rune

SOWILO (or Sowelu), The Rune of Energy and Revelation

Runic Number: 16

Meaning: Wholeness. Energy. Light. Disclosure. Discovery. Victory.

Translation: The Sun

Gemstone: Ruby

Color: White

Polarity: Male

Element: Air

Gods: Baldur

Astrology correspondence: The Sun

Tree: Juniper

Plant: Mistletoe

Characteristics: The energy of sun. The spirit of life. Strength of character, boundless energy. Completeness. The gift of understanding, the capacity to learn. Fitness and good health. Although Sowilo is widely known as a symbol of victory, it also implies a force of attack, which is a positive force, being the sun’s natural power. In spirituality, the rune is read as a clear vision, the victory of good over evil, of light over darkness. Sowilo warns for using the powers of good to defeat evil.

Interpretation: You are powerful enough to bring things to fruition. Good fortune is ahead and everything is positive. However, this is not a relaxing and resting time – you need to analyze the darker sides of your nature. The enormous power of the sun will give you strength to face and overcome them without fear. The solution for your problems is within your grasp.

Reverse meaning: Sowilo has no reverse meaning.

Converse meaning: Hidden information. Eclipse of energy or light. No reasons for health worries. Misunderstanding.