Thurisaz Rune

Thurisaz Rune

THURISAZ, The Rune of Chaos, Temptation and Evil

Runic Number: 3

Meaning: A warning. Forces of evil and chaos. Magical power. Temptation.

Translation: A thorn. Devil. Monster. Giant. The hammer of Thor.

Gemstone: Sapphire

Color: Bright Red

Polarity: Male

Element: Fire

Gods: Thor

Astrology correspondence: Mars

Tree: Blackthorn

Plant: Houseleek

Characteristics: Threats from individuals of position and power. One should resist temptations to get rewarded through trickery or dishonesty. Heed the omen of physical harm or dishonor. The Thurisaz’s energy can be used for chaos or for good – it represents the hidden forces of the human psyche, such as lust and anger. The thorn is a symbolic weapon – it can tear, pierce or stab, but it also has a protective role, like a thorny hedge. Paradoxically, Thurisaz could also symbolize a stroke of luck, but most often it is a warning that your luck is leaving you.

Interpretation: You have the inner power to face any challenge and you have the authority to claim your destiny and control your life. Fear nothing and let no other person distract you from your quest for truth. Your spiritual strength gives empowers and it is up to you how you will use it. Recommendation: use it in a loving, compassionate, and unselfish way. Power will corrupt you if you don’t direct it with honest and true heart.

Reverse meaning: An omen of goodness. Evil can be overcome. The danger isn’t big. Proceed an exhortation.

Converse meaning: The evil is hidden.