Tiwaz Rune

Tiwaz Rune

TIWAZ (or Teiwaz), The Warrior’s Rune

Runic Number: 17

Meaning: Tiw, the protector of warriors and mariners, the god of battles and legislation. Courage and compassion.

Translation: The god Tiw.

Gemstone: Coral

Color: Bright Red

Polarity: Male

Element: Air

Gods: Tiw

Astrology correspondence: Libra

Tree: Oak

Plant: Aconite

Characteristics: Bravery. Courage. Daring. Dedication. Tactical genius. Protection for sea travelers. Legislative and negotiating ability. Tuesday is named after the god Tiw who is the Norse equivalent of Jupiter or Zeus. Tiw was the god of war and justice, regulation and fair law. Success through sacrifice. Fearless and courageous, he was a master tactician and a clever diplomat. Mythology says that he allowed a wolf to bit off his right hand so to bind the wolf’s chaotic strength and thus protect his warriors, left-handed and disabled both physically and spiritually. This rune also represents male sexuality and determination. Also: new initiations, new challenges, and new understandings.

Interpretation: If you show courage and if your heart is honest and true, your victory will surely come. Use all of your skills and wisdom. Your faith will be challenged and you have to protect it. Truth, justice and honesty will always win.

Reverse meaning: Shyness, naivety. You have to overcome the cowardice. Beware of left-handed persons. Loss of concentration.

Converse meaning: Uncover your hidden leadership and talents. One who seems to be treated as a fool is actually courageous.