Uruz Rune

Uruz Rune

URUZ, The Rune of Strength

Runic Number: 2

Meaning: Physical and mental strength and health. For males – virility and manhood; for females – femininity, womanhood, fertility.

Translation: Auroch, i.e. the European giant ox.

Gemstone: Carbuncle

Color: Dark Green

Polarity: Male

Element: Earth

Gods: Thor, Urdl

Astrology correspondence: Taurus

Tree: Birch

Plant: Iceland Moss

Characteristics: Power, physical development, bodily and mental health, terminations and new beginnings, an opportunity disguised as a treat, mental agility. The European giant ox (extinct in 1627) is full of courage, physical strength, endurance, male sexual potency, great health, and wild, raw power of personal freedom. Uruz also include spiritual and emotional strength. A great implication of this rune is a challenge leading to a great life change.

Interpretation: You have the physical and inner strength to fulfill all your dreams, but don’t forget that with strength the responsibility comes. Your strength isn’t a force to be implied to others, but a force to prevent others implying power over you. Use that noble power to stay focused on your goals and don’t allow being outmaneuvered. Don’t let negative people upset you. Pay attention to your ego: master and control it and you will succeed.

Reverse meaning: Inability to think clearly, lack of mental fortitude, ill-health. Beware signs of your weakness, or treats to your position and personality.

Converse meaning: Your hidden strengths have to be realized. Shun apparent possibilities. Signs can be very deceptive.