Wunjo Rune

Wunjo Rune

WUNJO, The Rune of Joy

Runic Number: 8

Meaning: Emotional satisfaction. Happiness. Light.

Translation: Joy

Gemstone: Diamond

Color: Light Blue

Polarity: Male

Element: Ice (Water)

Gods: Odin, Frig

Astrology correspondence: Leo

Tree: Ash

Plant: Flax

Characteristics: Realization of ambition. Understanding. Good health. Flourishing partnership. Success in romance. Your eyes are widely open to the truth. Prosperous new beginnings blessed with joyfulness. The Wunjo rune is connected with a reward, a feeling of satisfaction and goodness, peaceful winning and ultimate achievements. Everything is going well because you are in absolute harmony with life itself. The rune also signifies close collaboration and companionship with other people as the joy isn’t a solitary emotion. When things in life go down, allow Wunjo’s joy to touch every part of your existence.

Interpretation: You will experience happiness if you work for it. Strive for harmony and balance and always look for solutions instead of dwell on problems. In order to last, happiness must be founded on honesty and truth. If you hide from truth, you hide from happiness. Remember to seek only what is right and good and the fortune will follow.

Reverse meaning: Stalled ambition. Missunderstanding. Partnership or romantic problems.

Converse meaning: Imagined love is false. The truth is hidden from you. Partnership under secretive behavior. Success is elusive. Work hard.