Spirit Animals

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Although in this day and age we are often isolated from the natural world, staying in our houses and automobiles, and often limiting our contact with the outdoors to vacations and weekends; it is important to remember we are animals sharing the same life energy with all living creatures. Since the dawn of human history, Shamans of all cultures have shown the importance of spirit animals. Often coming to us as guides, or, as totems, representing the animal form of our souls, all earth’s creatures from mammal to insect can have significance to our spiritual growth and development if we pay attention.

The most common way to find a spirit guide is simply to go outside and experience nature. For those of us in the country we can encounter a variety of creatures that speak to us from deer, to bears, birds and splendid insects. Those of us living in the city, however, may feel there are no animals that can lead or teach us. Oddly some of the most reviled city dwelling creatures: rats, pigeons, cockroaches do not have such bad reputations as spirit guides and totems. Rats represent tenacity and cleverness, cockroaches the ability to survive under any circumstances, pigeons the value of home and community. When you think of the qualities needed by a human city dweller, these creatures do seem to exemplify what is necessary to conquer the urban jungle. So pay attention to your outdoor surroundings wherever you are and you may be buoyed by a sense of animal power.

Finding your animal totem, however, is a bit of a different process than simply recognizing a spirit guide. The disclosure of a totem is intuitive and personal. Your own animal spirit may not reveal itself right away; it many cases it a process involving dreams and meditation. Still, to help you on your way and to give you an idea of the variety of animals that can speak to your soul, to follow is a short quiz. It may not reveal your exact spirit animal, but can point you in a direction of a genus and species compatible with your energy.

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Black Panther. These mystical creatures represent spiritual intuition and independence, and peace with a solitary existence. If you are a woman and a panther is your totem, you are likely to be a strong single mother.

Octopus. These creatures represent wisdom of the ages. If an Octopus is your totem you may lean toward academic professions, or have a continued love of learning. You may also be called upon to advise your friends.

Cheetah. Those with Cheetah totems tend to be good first responders who can handle emergencies and are quick on their feet, but it is also extremely important they take the time to rest and recover after exertion. Cheetah people are very flexible and can handle many different types of situations without getting flustered.

Black Bear. Black bears are both solitary and playful. Their ability to climb trees lets them observe many perspectives. If the black bear is your totem animal you may roam quite happily alone as an observer, choosing to engage in fun only when you want to and not out of sense of missing out on something. Black bears are also tenacious providers.

Great White Shark. Those with a shark totem are driven individuals constantly moving forward. They love challenging themselves and are extraordinarily ambitious and quite successful. Shark people are often charismatic with a chaotic energy that is exhilarating to be around.

Rhinoceros. Those with a Rhino totem strive to know themselves completely. They are generally quiet, and comfortable in their own skins. They go beyond external appearances to find truth. The Rhinoceros is also credited with being able to discern past lives.

Panda. Panda’s represent gentle strength. They are strong yet flexible. They tend to be unassuming and not seekers of the center of attention. Those with the Panda totem are very focused and prefer to take on one task at a time and accomplish it well, before moving on to the next one. They do not like a lot of action around them.

Sea Turtle. Sea turtles are survivalists able to handle tricky situations. They also have a tendency to travel to far places. Sea turtles are also have a sixth sense and at times the ability to foretell the future. This gift must be exercised in quiet: meditation near water will heighten clairvoyance.

Field Mouse. Those with a field mouse totem pay attention to detail and examine closely all scenarios. They make good research scientists, CPAs and detectives. They tend to be naturally good with money. Although shy, mouse people are good at adapting to different surroundings.

Lion. Lions represent personal strength and courage. Many Lion people are leaders and high achievers. However, such people also have a tendency to anger and aggression. A Lion person must learn to temper high achievement with patience and tolerance for others less high on the food chain.

Seal. Those with a seal totem can be highly sensual and intuitive. Seals spend time both above and below water so they are comfortable with both the inner and outer world. They also tend to go with the flow and not get flustered in tense situation. Seal people also have a talent for lucid dreaming which they can work to develop.

Arctic Tern. Terns are hardy survivors and scavengers. They persevere through obstacles and welcome change and new ideas. They like to tease others and can be a bit mischievous at times. Tern people enjoy collecting, and can often be found at flea markets or antique stores.

Antelope. These mystical creatures represent spiritual intuition and independence, and peace with a solitary existence. If you are a woman and a panther is your totem, you are likely to be a strong single mother.

Humpback Whale. Whales represent deep creativity, poetic and musical. Those with a Whale totem may excel also at drawing out creativity in others. Whale people also tend to be sensitive and emotional and have strong paternal instincts. They care about family and nurture those around them.

Sea Otter. Those with an Otter totem have not forgotten the joy in play. They are hardworking but take time out to enjoy themselves. Otter people tend to be very social, enjoying parties and dancing in particular. They are also extremely family oriented.

Wolf. Wolves are loyal, intelligent and community oriented. Those with the Wolf totem tend to be excellent communicators through both voice and touch. Wolf people are great friends who will stand by those close to them in times of difficulty. They are also often highly educated.

Dolphin. Those with a Dolphin totem know how to keep harmony and balance in their lives. They bring joy to work and transcendence to the mundane. They enjoy building community around them and can be generous without being driven by a desire to please. They can also be protective without risking any danger to themselves.

Mountain Goat. Mountain Goats are persistent, precise and ambitious. They are often at the head of their field of endeavor and can be natural leaders. Lofty spiritual goals are also characteristic of mountain goat people, who are always seeking to gain a larger perspective and understanding of the world around them.