What is Manifestation (and how to Manifest)

In this article, I will explain what manifestation is, what manifestation is not, and how to manifest with ease.

how to manifest

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the transmutation of thought into its physical equivalent. It’s the process of taking an idea, a dream, a goal, or a vision and taking the necessary action steps to make it a reality.

Anything you can daydream about, you can create in your life.

“Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions”
- Albert Einstein

The Latin root of “manifestation” is “manifestare” which means “make public.” Quite literally, when you manifest, you make your goals and dreams public. You pull them out of your mind and into the physical world. This requires focused determination and faith.

Most of the time when you hear someone talking about manifestation, they are talking about intentional manifestation. But in reality, we unintentionally manifest all day long.

As analytical beings, our minds are constantly overthinking our current reality. This causes us to unintentionally manifest more of what we already have (or don’t have) into our future.

Intentional manifesting requires us to shift our dominating thought patterns to support the reality we want to create, whether or not we are currently living that reality.

Common Misconceptions About Manifestation

  1. All Manifesting Is Intentional. This is false. If this were the case, we would only manifest our goals, dreams, and desires. We wouldn’t manifest mean bosses or unbearable in-laws. Manifestation is always happening. Whether you’re thinking constructive, happy thoughts or destructive doom and gloom thoughts, your reality will reflect the nature of your dominating thought patterns back to you.
  2. Manifesting is difficult. Manifesting is actually quite simple. It doesn’t require that you belong to a particular faith system or an extensive amount of education. In this article I will outline specific steps that will help you manifest with ease. As long as you are determined, focused, and keep an open mind to the infinite possible outcomes, you can manifest your wildest dreams into reality.
  3. High Vibes Only. You learned earlier in this article that your thoughts create your reality. Many people hear that and immediately worry about the negative self-chatter they’ve been struggling with since grade school. Don’t panic. Just because you have unhelpful thoughts about yourself or your desires, does not mean you can’t manifest the life of your dreams. You can learn how to cultivate positive thoughts through techniques like meditation and auto-suggestion. Both are described at the end of this article.

What is the Law of Attraction

Made famous by the book The Secret, the Law of Attraction explains the otherwise mysterious energetic forces involved in the manifestation process. Simply put, the Law of Attraction says that energy of the same frequency is attracted to each other. Basically, “like attracts like” or “birds of a feather flock together.”

The subatomic particles that make up our being are all in a constant state of vibration, as is everything in The Universe. When you are in an elevated emotional state such as happiness, joy, love and freedom, your subatomic particles are vibrating at high speeds. That’s where the term “high vibe” comes from. When you’re in a low-vibration emotion such as sadness, anger, resentment and guilt, your energetic makeup vibrates much slower.

As energetic beings, we subconsciously broadcast our vibration all day long. Think about it, when your boss walks into a room after having an argument with her husband, you can feel her fuming, frustrated energy before she sits down.

Our vibration can be felt by other people, animals, and even The Universe itself. It can be measured and mapped as well. Dr. Joe Dispenza runs workshops all over the world measuring the energy field around humans and teaching people how to control it for their own health, wealth, and happiness.

Law of Attraction and Manifestation

The Law of Attraction is an essential part of the manifestation process because if you know how to use it to your benefit, it is the very force that will bring your desires into your life. My guess is your goals, dreams, and desires all exist in a high vibration state. By learning to cultivate a high vibration state, you will become a magnet to a high vibration reality and your high vibration goals.

If your goal is to experience a life of happiness, love, joy, fulfillment, and abundance then you must first generate those emotions in your body’s vibration.

Per the Law of Attraction, like attracts like, so your elevated emotional state will inevitably attract the people, opportunities, and situations aligned with your goals. Then, it’s up to you to take action.

How to Manifest Anything (with grace and ease)

I will outline three basic steps for manifesting desires into reality. Use these steps literally and consistently and you will reconnect to your intuitive guidance, witness tangible results, and manifest any goal, desire, or dream into reality.

"Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”

The first step in the manifestation process is to establish your purpose. Getting clear on a purposeful goal creates a strong foundation for the rest of the process.

When you don’t take the time to connect your goals and dreams to their larger impact, it can lead to burn out and distraction.

When you make your goals bigger than yourself, you invite in the power of community, laws of The Universe, and the power of your mind to keep you going through the inevitable challenges on your journey.

Take some time to meditate and reflect upon your goals. What’s the underlying motivation behind them?

For example, if you’re hoping to manifest a raise in your salaried job, ask yourself:
-Why do I want a raise at work?
-Who else will benefit when I have a higher salary?
-How will I make the world a better place because I am getting paid more?

You will use these answers to help motivate you when the going gets tough along your journey.

Step Two: Set Up Success Systems

The second step in the manifestation process is to create systems that will keep your spirits lifted, your vibration high, and your faith strong.

Create a definite plan for the attainment of your desire and take action on that plan immediately. The plan might change along the way, and that’s okay too.

In addition to clear action steps, your success system should include daily mindset or personal development work.

As you learned earlier, the Law of Attraction is a catalyst for manifestation. It can either speed up or slow down the physical attainment of your goal depending on one thing: You.

Your energy towards your goal will determine how fast it comes to you.

Creating success systems includes:

All of these will help empower you to maintain focused determination on your goals.

Another way to keep your spirits high is to elicit the support of your intuitive guidance through tarot card readings. Through this practice of self-awareness and self-exploration, you can ask your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides for the support, clarity, or guidance you need along your journey.

Step Three: Allow

The last step of the manifestation process is allowing aligned opportunities to present themselves in divine timing.

Sometimes it can feel like you’ve been waiting forever for a certain goal to manifest. Maybe you start to doubt your desires are even possible.

It’s really easy to give up or change direction when you don’t have physical evidence that your efforts are effective. Don’t fall into that trap.

It’s the same trap that causes millions of people to die without fulfilling their purpose or goals in life. This step requires a great deal of patience, faith, and focus.

If you stay committed and focused on your goals they will eventually manifest. Per the Law of Attraction, The Universe will always match your energy. If you’re filled with doubt, fear, and indecision around your desires this will show up in your energy and delay their fulfillment.

Know and trust with all your heart and soul that you deserve and are capable of creating the life you daydream about. This level of confidence in your dreams will create a clear channel of communication between you and The Universe. When you do this consistently, The Universe will have no choice but to give you what you want.

Manifestation Techniques


In Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, he instructs readers to use auto-suggestion to train their subconscious mind into helping (instead of hindering) their goal of acquiring riches. Auto-suggestion is the act of planting a goal into your subconscious mind and watering it through daily affirmations.

To use this technique, you will want to create a clear sentence describing what you intend to manifest. Write the sentence in present and positive tense. Read it out loud every night before bed and every morning upon rising. Say this sentence like you mean it, with feeling and emotion if you can.

This will remind and train your subconscious mind to find mindsets, people, and opportunities aligned with your goal.

You’re basically training your subconscious mind to make your stated reality your actual reality.

Your conscious mind can obviously see that you don’t currently have your desires but when you repeat affirmations daily, you’re telling your subconscious mind what it should focus on creating, and therefore, what it should tell The Universe you want.

Positive Affirmations:


Meditation is the act of training your mind to focus on one thing at a time. It’s a vital part of the manifestation process because it teaches you how to become more mindful of your thoughts so you can eliminate the unhelpful ones standing in your way.

How to Meditate:

All you need is a comfortable seat and a focus. The focus could be on your affirmations, a visualization of your goal, your breath, or a candle flame.

It doesn’t matter what you’re focusing on, as long as you’re gently bringing your thoughts back to that thing every time they wander away, and they will wander away.

Since the day we you were born, you have been constantly bombarded with stimuli begging for your mind’s attention. Meditation is meant to undo years of multi-tasking training so that you can become more aware of yourself and your thoughts.

When you grow awareness around your thoughts, you’ll be more equipped to catch and correct the ones that do not serve your hopes and dreams.


If you find that in meditation your doubts, fears, to-do list, drama, guilt, and shame are showing up again and again, it’s time to release those thoughts so they don’t subconsciously deflect your desires.

Journaling is a highly effective way to reveal, release, and resolve unhelpful thoughts and emotions. Ask your emotions or unhelpful thoughts what purpose they serve and write the answer in your journal.

Ask them why they are there, who taught you to feel this way, and what they really want to say to you. Allow enough time for honest reflection by creating a quiet space where you can be alone.

You can burn the page after writing so no one sees your highly personal thoughts. This will bring the unhelpful thoughts to your conscious attention so that you can release them from your energy and refocus on your manifestation goal.

In Conclusion

Manifestation requires you to be completely focused and determined on bringing your dreams to life. The only thing that will stop you from manifesting the life you desire is you. When you are truly ready to manifest your visions into reality, you can use these steps to do so.

  1. Establish a purpose driven goal that’s bigger than you.
  2. Create success systems with community support, intentional action steps, and daily mindset work.
  3. Allow aligned opportunities to present themselves to you and take action on them.

Follow these steps and watch your goals materialize before your eyes.

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