Colour Theory

Your Companion In Harmony

Life has a way of challenging our relationship with Harmony. You know, that sense of being connected. of being fully loved and at peace with nature and living?.

When your expression of your Self ~ Your fully-expressed, loving, centred self ~ seems to be supported, even endorsed, by Life. You feel Harmony. Our spirited, unique energy and complicated experience contributes to Life. These are the moments we feel Harmony.

I’m sure you have moments of recognizing Harmony in nature. Think of the splendor of a crisp fall’s vibrant leaves. Oranges. Reds. Browns. Greens. To witness the beauty of that time of transformation is to observe Harmony during change. What are other harmonious moments or days you remember? You may recall feeling loved and harmoniously at peace while quietly observing the glowing reds and oranges amongst the black of a campfire or fireplace. What about a time smelling and feeling the energy of a brown, green, black, blue. why, every colour of the rainbow. on a nature walk?

Even your harmonious memories that may seem to have absolutely nothing to do with colour. Indeed, are laden with colours! Why, I’m quite certain that a wonderfully harmonious memory you may have of a special friend or place.. Is stored in your brain as the colours of the various components of that experience.

You see, we access much of Harmony by seeing something that pleases our eye... That inspires a deep sense of balance. of order. If what we’re seeing feels like “too much”, or “not enough”, it seems crazy or boring. Doesn’t feel very harmonious, does it?

Would it surprise you to hear that colour is always seeking balance? That all of our natural experience is represented by colours, and nature always seeks balance? Meanwhile, colours (and Harmony) are tremendously dynamic. Ever changing. morphing. playing games. fooling us. tempting us. rejecting us. drawing our passions and our intentions. evolving.

You are a magnificent being. Truly loved by Spirit, and - are you ready for this? - supported by the Harmony of Life! Yes, yes… I know that you probably, like most of us, feel so often “out of sync”, out of Harmony with Spirit. Like you’re rowing upstream maybe! Or, simply like the stream is taking you where it wants regardless of what your heart desires?.

Maybe it’s time you take a look at your Colours… And, your relationship with them!

Let’s play for a moment, OK?.

How does BLUE feel? Does it feel sort of warm? Kind of cold?

Ahhhh… I’m betting you’re thinking, “She’s crazy! There’s ALL KINDS of Blues! Which Blue are you talking about?!” In that moment, as you became present to Blue, you connected with the resonance, the vibrancy of Blue. A colour which can feel magnificent. or sad. bold… calm…

How is that possible? How in the world can a colour have feeling? Well, it’s because colours are SO much more than what lands on your eyes!

Opposites are actually Complementary Colours…

You see, one colour (take blue.) has to have it’s opposite (orange, in the case of blue) to exist, because Spirit seeks Harmony. Harmony is balance, and opposites balance each other!

Like the complementary colours that are truly “opposites”, your Colours weave in and our of your presence, and your consciousness. Your colours are working their magic, tweaking, playing, teasing and everything.. All in love with you!.. All in perfect balance, giving you what you need, when you need it..

When was the last time you “had a feeling” about a person, place or something? You know, that feeling that is hard to pinpoint?.. You just “knew” something about something, but you had no idea why? Perhaps people around you said they didn’t notice anything. Maybe they also had a “funny feeling”...

Well, I can tell you that the colours were giving you messages about that something ~ Directing you, challenging you, repulsing you, enticing you.. They’re working to maintain Life’s Harmony, and in that, they strive for YOUR Harmony. Yes, you are important.. You are the center of your Colours’ existence..

MY Colours?! Yes, YOUR COLOURS!!

You have an ever-changing, dynamic blend of colours surrounding you and calling to you at all times. Meanwhile, you also have colours that call to your Soul.. colours that resonate with your Spirit, to which you respond with feelings, images, beliefs and impulses.. You are “you” within your colours..

Which one is mostly YOUR COLOUR?! Choose your favorite, and I’ll tell you all about Your Colour...

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